Day 1: 39th Anniversary Adventure - A New Found Understanding for Those Who Have to Live Out of their Vehicles

Dec 27 2019

By Vivian Padua

On 12/26/19 I booked our one way buddy pass flights aka Stand By ($281 for both of us) to Maui for the next day. We were staying there until 12/30/19. I also booked an intermediate rental car ($26/day). I knew it was high season so lodging might be a challenge. I looked online at Airbnb (always my first choice), then VRBO (2nd choice) and then our timeshare website. NOTHING! I wasn't worried and thought once we get there, I can see the names of the hotels and call and ask. There had to be one room at least right? Worst case scenario, we joked about just sleeping in the car at the beach. Later on in the evening I decided I'd book our one way back.

Day 1: our 39th anniversary - 12/27/19

We arrive, get our Ford Mustang (upgraded for free but didn't realize how small it was) and we begin our adventure. I call the Marriott - they have a room and it's $1,000/night for a garden view. Damn! The next call I find a room and it's $600/night. I even called all the hostels on the island and nothing. As we're having lunch I continue calling. I find another one and it's $630/night plus resort fees and taxes coming to like $2300 for three nights. By around 5:00 pm I'm beginning to feel the intense stress. All the meanwhile, I had been talking to my brother who lives on Kauai and he tells me to take a flight and we can stay with him instead of the car. He had done this before on Kauai for 6 weeks and knew it was challenging. I looked at inter-island flights using my miles and flights had already departed. No flights to Kauai. No rooms available. Sleeping in the car was our choice. My hubby finds a safe and secure place to park with lighting close to a bathroom and not busy to attract attention to us. OMG! I couldn't sleep well and heard every noise. We left the windows only cracked a little bit so we were sweating. Luckily, I brought my little portable fan so hubby hangs it from the rear view mirror and we're good.