women of color


By Vivian Padua

Be Bold. Sit in your True Essence. Use your Voice. Speak your Truth.

This is my True Essence at turning 60 this year, 2022, as a Bold Woman of Color! I am Filipina and came to the United States when I was three years old. I lost the ability to speak Tagalog, my native language, because I assimilated to my environment at a young age. My parents spoke to me in Tagalog and I always answered in English. How I wish they would have made me answer back in Tagalog. Oh well, "se la vi." To this day, I can understand Tagalog and cannot fluently speak it.

I am blessed to come to this space in my life where I can be me, all of me. This wasn't always the case. I had to learn, have life experiences, gain wisdom, make mistakes, and overcome challenges to get here. Here is WONDERFUL!

I wish that I learned what my True Essence was at a younger age AND I am a true believer that everything happens when it should. I write this article with the intention to let other women and teens know you can sit in your true essence at any age. If sitting in your True Essence is what you want to right now in your present life, please contact me.

Blessings and gratitude,


Photo by www.inherimagephotos.com