let's talk money

Nov 7

By Vivian Padua

Everything in our lives revolve around money and our money touches all aspects of our lives. The lessons I learned from my parents growing up were about making money by sometimes having more than one job and working more than 8 hours, having excellent work ethics, and doing their best to provide for their family. I didn't know about saving 10% of every paycheck, having an emergency savings account, what a budget meant or looked like much less about saving for retirement. I made some bad money decisions in my life including using retirement money to pay off unsecured debt instead of establishing three months of expenses in an emergency savings account first.

I learned all of this stuff in my late 40's. The phrase "It's never too late to learn." was so true for me. Because I learned all about financial literacy and financial wellness, I get to share this invaluable information with my adult daughters and 13 grandchildren. My legacy is to ensure my family knows all about money (especially what I did not know when I was growing up) so they can make smart money decisions and to share financial literacy and financial wellness members in the community.