My Top 5 favorite Coaching Skills

Oct 17

By Vivian Padua

My Top 5 Favorite Coaching Skills Coaching skills opened my eyes and world to everything! It is a unique way of communicating and interacting with people.

1. Listening with the big picture in mind: words, tone, the pause, body language.

2. Speaking from the heart with authenticity: creates an honest, open and trusting bond.

3. Being silent: a person knows that she or he is really being heard.

4. Perspectives: seeing things from different viewpoints creates options to choose from on how a person wants to be with a topic, issue, decision or challenge.

5. Intuition: your gut tells your mind to speak truths with kindness.

After completing CTI’s coach training and certification program, I immediately knew that financial coaching was what I wanted to do. Financial coaching lets individuals be the driver of their financial goals. The coach is the passenger who rides along with the client through the turns, twists, bumps and detours. The coach provides support, accountability, and encouragement and the client is in charge of the steps they need to take to move forward in their journey to financial capability. Integrating financial coaching skills into financial capability work enables clients to create behavior shifts in how they make decisions about their money. Thus, creating a positive impact.