Day 3: 39th Anniversary Adventure - A New Found Understanding for Those Who Have to Live Out of their Vehicles

Dec 29, 2019

By Vivian Padua

Watching the ocean waves, breathing the ocean air and being present with it all in paradise is PRICELESS! I woke up with bad allergies. Almost thought I was getting sick. Slept a little better but woke up at 10:30 pm, 2:30 am, and 5:30 am. Noticed yesterday when I was at Safeway that a White woman was brushing her teeth in the bathroom. This morning at our bathroom stop there were three Latina women brushing their teeth, applying face cleanser and looked like they washed their hair. I, too, had to brush my teeth. So, we're not the only ones sleeping out of our vehicle. Make me realize how truly blessed I am. Lots of lessons for me on this adventure.

Kihei beaches were crowded with people's umbrellas within three feet of each other. Hubby finds a frontage road that parallels the ocean. Found a nice little sot with maybe only four people in sight. The ocean waves and beach were exactly how I like them - calm, shallow, and no big breaking waves around me. We saw at least 6 turtles, a fish jumped out of the water, and several schools of fish swimming.