Day 2: 39th Anniversary Adventure - A New Found Understanding for Those Who Have to Live Out of their Vehicles

Dec 28 2019

By Vivian Padua

At 3:30 am I had to use the bathroom. The one we saw that was close to where we parked was locked. The gas station close by was closed. So had to pop a squat in a nearby parking lot that was dark. Luckily, I had some paper towels with me LOL. Having slept with a migraine and felt like I was getting sick, we left our parking spot and went to the 24 hour McDonalds. Had to use the bathroom after we ate and McDonalds did not open their doors until 6am. It was 5am so we went across the street to Longs. I wanted to buy some Icy Hot cause I woke up with a pain on my right side of my neck probably from thinking I could sleep on my side. We asked for the bathroom and the nice cashier asked if I had to sheshe. She was kind enough to escort us to their Employees Only bathroom. We had not changed, showered, or brushed our teeth. We decided to drive to the rental car agency and upgrade to a mini van. We could tough it out if we could sleep better and it was too much of a hassle to coordinate flights to Kauai and then back to San Francisco.

We got the van for just a little more than a one night stay in a hotel. We have a cooler, disposable forks/knives, paper towel sheets (compliments of a grocery store bathroom), cell phone charging ports, a place to lay down and even a small blanket. It's our hotel on wheels. We bought coconut water and water. We bought ahi tuna and tako poke for lunch and some snacks too. Our table is the beach and view is the ocean. Blessed!

The Ocean helps us. Grocery store bathroom help us. Beach bathrooms and outside rinse stations aka showers help us (if only we could find an indoor shower - maybe tomorrow). We save our utensils, napkins, and condiments when we buy food.

Only now do I somewhat understand how utterly hard it is for the human beings who must live out of their cars or are homeless. I did this for only a day and a half and am having a challenging time because it's out of my norm and comfort zone. We have the luxury of cash and credit cards. We have no money barriers when many others do. This has made me humble and grateful

Before the sun set I had to shower so I shampooed and conditioned at an outside rinse station at the beach in Lahaina. I finished off in the bathroom using a plastic container that we had bought poke in earlier in the day. It's interesting how one can get creative when one has no other choice. Riding in the van with the windows down was my natural hair dryer. It is 6:24 pm at the writing of this memoir and it's 79 degrees with the sun no longer out.